My Top 3 Recommended Viewers

Alright guys I have been hearing so much about which viewer you should use debate, and well I am here to tell you about the top viewers I recommend for you to use. The reason I am going to list my top 3 is because, well everyone has a preference for viewers and comfort level with viewers. So I hope my article here will help you feel comfortable choosing the proper viewer for you.

First up is well you might have guessed it Imprudence Viewer, well I know a bunch of you guys might jump me for saying this is a viable choice. Well honestly, when it comes to our current status of opensimulator, most people are still not ready to move to a newer style viewer. Also lets face it, Imprudence can take the hit, one of the absolutely most stable viewers out there! Now if you are still on hippo you really need to update to this viewer, you are denying yourself the ability to have textures load SOOO much faster by staying on hippo. We have this lovely feature called HTTP Texture Fetching that makes textures load SOOO much faster for us! Also if your using Imprudence please make sure you running the last known release! 1.4.0 Beta 2 to find out if your using this version go HELP > ABOUT and it should tell you at the top, if not please update to that release.

Next up on our list is well you might have guessed it Firestorm Viewer, and if you didn’t know the developer of Teapot Viewer is on the team of Firestorm! Also as an article by Maria on Hypergrid Business has said, they are largely supporting opensimulator now, and even have a headquarters in OSgrid now and that is just super impressive! This viewer does have profiles the old school way, you don’t have to worry about seeing web profiles, it looks just like your standard classic profiles. You get the media on a prim and mesh support with this viewer, something you really don’t get with Imprudence, however I will say I don’t see much mesh in opensimulator as of recent. However you really should start considering moving to this viewer if you plan on wanting mesh support, as well as long term support as Imprudence is no longer being developed, they are now working on Kokua.

Lastly, I have to say that this viewer may come as a surprise to you, but I recommend Singularity Viewer! Why? Well it is V1 and you can see mesh with it, and your world map work with opensimulator as well. That is the downfall of Phoenix Viewer, reason it didn’t make my list is the world map tiles don’t work on it, but Singularity is super fast, very elegant, and is a viewer 1 style. If you really can’t move on to a viewer 3 yet, use Singularity, as you get the best of both worlds v1 and v3 features under the roof of a v1.

Well that is it, I can’t wait to read all you guys comments about viewer you like! By all means I am not telling you to use any of these viewers, they are just my recommendations! Anyways, till next time guys!

Timothy Rogers

Contributor of opensimulator events, news, and resources. Folf in the furry fandom, and loves to have fun with other opensim residents. Fun loving, laid back, and not affraid to say what is on his mind to the public.

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2 comments on “My Top 3 Recommended Viewers

  1. Minethere says:

    has her first sip of coffee and delves in anyways–)) I love imp, my primary reason being that i have not seen a built-in radar that has all the features it does, and i use it ALL the is indispensable to me…and it works very well in all other things important to me.
    However, I do have firestorm, and it is nice also. I am very enthused that they are developing os only features and look forward to the next upgrade very much. i think that represents very forward thinking of their team as i am very sure os is the future of vws.
    maxsted is primarily involved with the development of the inworldz viewer. i am not a fan of inwz so this bothers me, as i would much prefer to see him get back to developing imp for more os grid use. as inwz is doing their own thang, his concentrating on that one only seems a dead-end thing to me. however, he did post a comment in the imp website someplace that he was thinking about further developing imp..i keep forgetting to add a bug in his ear inwz that maybe it would be a good idea to pursue that….maybe i will go in there today and point him to here, and maybe he will comment himself.
    as i am personally creating accts and seeing multiple grids now, an os specific based viewer would be something i would want to see, and soon.
    great article, ty!!–))))

  2. Linda Henson says:

    I keep trying different viewers and returning to Imprudence. It does everything I want and in the way that I want it except for the mesh support. I am not mentally ready to put time or energy into making mesh until all the viewers support it. I don’t want to make something that only a fraction of the people in world can see.
    But for importing mesh I love using the Zen viewer. In fact I liked most things about that viewer but I tend to always fall back on what I am used to and that is Imprudence.
    Great article Tim, I love to get other people’s views on this stuff.