Spring Breeze Region in Island Oasis

Myself and a largish group of my friends decided to check out Island Oasis Grid around 70 or so days ago. We have 4 regions currently with one being the full prims sim they offer [40k prims]. In that one we have built a Mall and added all sorts of fun things to the Region. It is very busy getting around 30-50 people a day coming by to visit.

Coming from another grid that does not have physics has been very fun for us. As well, with the business model of IO we are able to afford connecting Regions where we can live and invite our friends to enjoy. We have good friends around us, both old and new ones, and we are really enjoying the Grid.

Having a Mall and so many creators who are bringing in content daily, as well as hosting Live music [coming first to our Grand Opening on the 19th of October and continuing every month on the 1st Friday], and our Region DJ, Harry Boozehound [who does his sets every Friday 3-5 pm], keeps us very busy. Notices must be done, help to our friends is needed on the various issues having to do with our Mall and IO in general, building and expanding services and talking to tons of people takes a large amount of time and effort.

Fortunately, we have a really wonderful core group of people with whom we can depend on for helping with various tasks. Macaria Wind is the Owner of the Sims and has much experience building and in virtual worlds over many years. Megan Cline is an excellent Mall Manager, clothing designer, Club Owner and creator of many things. Myself, Minethere Always, has much experience in Marketing and multi-sim management, as well as I am responsible for overall terraforming of the sims. With this combination we are willing and very able to provide all the assistance needed to fully take care of most any matters within our Sims.

With the help of our friends, we have garnered much support for our various ventures and they all provide very good insight and a valuable brain trust of information and ideas. Providing a variety of content and additional fun and interesting things to do, we are continually striving to increase the enjoyment people have in visiting our Sims.

Our Grand Opening on the 19th will start at noon and go until 5 pm. We are also starting our Pumpkin Hunt that day which runs until November 1st. We have some fun rides supplied by Judy of Hobo Park fame, a very fun and wonderful Surprise Live Entertainer is going to sing to us, and content providers are busy setting up their shops and deciding upon their pumpkin freebie. We expect a fun time will be had by all who attend…and we do hope to see you all.

Warm regards–minethere

4 comments on “Spring Breeze Region in Island Oasis

  1. Linda Henson says:

    I love the shopping mall there. I was lucky enough to get a store space there and the prices are super cheap, quality is super good, people are super nice! Thanks for submitting this article Minethere.

  2. So glad you made it here (after much begging.. lol) I was getting lonely. Now its fun fun fun all the time! Big HUGS Sunbeam Magic

  3. Minethere says:

    well, ya know, sunnny..the time needed to happen…and i am happy it did!!

  4. Minethere says:

    Just wanted to add that since this article was posted Ally and Brenda of Coffee and Chat have joined us also. DJ and dancing much of the time, and just simple chatting also!!