3rd Rock Grid Names CCU as DMCA Investigative Body

Today the 3rd Rock Grid and the Content Creators Union reached an agreement allowing the CCU to receive DMCA complaints and act on them on behalf of the grid and its residents. As President of the CCU, I would like to congratulate Lazuli Pooraka and his team. I hope to assist any and all grids with DMCA filings. The CCU will receive the DMCA complaints for 3RG and then begin the process of testing the complaint for DMCA validity. Upon confirmation of validity, the CCU will investigate the claim by interviewing the complainant as well as the accused violator and, reviewing any evidence submitted by either party. Upon completion of the investigation, the CCU will organize the case and submit a recommendation for dispensation to the 3RG staff. We hope to provide a consistent and efficient service for the creators, consumers, and the grid staff. As the CCU maintains autonamy from any specific grid, we believe we can objectively act for the security of one and all.

Thank you to the owners and staff of 3rd Rock Grid for your confidence in the CCU.

Michael Sietz (RL name)

Michael Somerset (virtual alias)

33 comments on “3rd Rock Grid Names CCU as DMCA Investigative Body

  1. Minethere on said:

    hmm…i like this idea-)) arbitration of a sort and removes the grid owners not only from various related issues but also provides a non-favoritism structure…seems very good

    • michaelsietz on said:

      @Minethere we are simply that…an arbitration facility. taking the favoritism or claims of favoritism out of the equation. All investigations are turned over to the Grid owner to dispense with.

  2. justn case on said:

    ok sounds good as far as having a mediator to assist in the case of someone filing in regards to stolen content where as creators my partner and i have alot invested in time and money and appreciate 3rd rock looking out for our interests in 3rd rock as long as the founders have final revoew and final say in the decision after reading all the evidence.My partner and i keep records to cover ourselves, when other creators allow us permissions or we pay for the license to bring them cross grid-and sometimes jealous competitors make false claims ,and if so they need to be paying a penalty as only the original creator should be filing and if it is found to be a false claim that is illegal as it is slander and they too should be banned for lying or presenting false evidence…..that said…what i DO NOT appreciate is finding that Michael Somerset has been on our sims in other grids editing objects.In my personal opinion,policing 3rd rock is his responsibility-not policing other grids which are of no concern to this grid.It is disturbing to know that by joining the grid and agreeing to the T.O.S. for 3rd rock i have somehow given them some kind of multi grid agreement to trespass>?You are violating many laws and T.O.S. rules by attempting to cross grid with this made up “union”you do not represent any other grids and in time you will find yourselves in legal trouble by attempting to skirt laws and even those of your very own T.O.S.so with your ingenius injection of “CCU”which is a made up group of cronies out to be something that should not exist i am taking my business back to the grids that do not believe they have god powers in all of my personal business.This is the worst decision i have seen to date making Linden Labs seem fair and balanced by comparision.I do not see any professional creator wanting to be policed in their real lives by some group of witch hunters that cannot mind their own business.none of the involved parties specialize in property law so therefore a group of unqualified “pals” will determine the fate of people they may simply not like?not my thing,good luck with this grid i thought elenia was invasive and a trouble maker in inworldz,and even she would not cross this line,however,i will run this information past her to see if in fact she knows another grid is in her space monitoring her company and her gamers.As much as i am an advocate for property protection,i believe this move to be illegal and in ways worse than a property thief,it is not anyones right to control my gaming in other grids,this is my computer and what i do with it outside of 3rd rock is no ones business.

    • michaelsietz on said:

      The CCU holds no loyalty to any particular grid. We are only looking to ASSIST content creators and grid owners as a facilitation entity. We all try to help creators who’s work we recognize and know is not being offered in a manner consistant with a TOS we are aware of. I am not the only member, nor are there a few “cronies”. Currently there are over 200 members and growing. By all means please complain more, when reasonable content creators actually READ our website they join. Thank you for your help

    • Linda Henson on said:

      I read the notecard you left in your notecard giver at the free welcome mall. I don’t know why you did that. I don’t understand what the problem is. Your statement of “.You might as well make this an open source grid and let people like gidgit digit (linda kelly) spread the free crap builds around and kill yet more chances for new builders with free high prim garbage.” in that note hurt. I sure that was your intention. I guess you are one of those haters because I give out free stuff. I’m sorry for that. You, however, had no problem accepting a free store on 3rd rock grid.
      I am guessing that you hate michael for that reason.
      I was on your grid on Island oasis as well and bought boots from Rossie and a bed and saw that you had boxes of my animations out for people to pick up free. So I guess I am not really understanding what the problem is. You gave out my free stuff.

      If you have an issue with me I would sure like to clear it up.

    • michaelsietz on said:

      Here you go, this may better explain and you can play it as many times as you need to http://youtu.be/LF9lWAoj0hM

  3. justn case on said:

    In fact by using this fake “union”,in the end by bypassing the laws and t.o.s. and messing with the filing of complaints,the owner of the grid is simply more exposed to the legal ramifications and has one less leg to stand on by taking it into their own hands to allow the legal issues to be messed with by unqualified unprofessionals who are engaging in illegal practices including intimidation and stepping beyond their boundaries.fact is i dont use hypergrids,but if someone copies my creations and takes them to ten grids including this particular grid,i have suit against all ten and no fake union will have any impact so why open yourself up for it?bad decision from start to finish.good luck

    • michaelsietz on said:

      We are not by passing any laws. You assume we are. I have been to other grids and found theft of my content and others. If you buy animations from me in SL where my TOS clearly states you are not allowed to take those animations to another grid forsale , and you break my TOS you are a thief in my opinion, and in the eyes of US law. If you follow TOS and are a reasonable person, you will find the CCU to be a help. If you are a thief, of course you will hate us. We really are seeking to help with unbiased , above board investigation and quick response action.

    • Linda Henson on said:

      The definition of “Union”.

      a. The act of uniting or the state of being united.
      b. A combination so formed, especially an alliance or confederation of people, parties, or political entities for mutual interest or benefit.

      It can’t really be “fake”. It’s some people who got together and all have an interest in helping to support each other and to support IP rights. I think you are thinking of a different type of union Justin.

    • Sarge Misfit (@SargeMisfit) on said:

      Justin, I am neither for nor against the CCU. In fact, I find their goals to be laudable and worthy. My concern is if someone makes an error and there are damages incurred, so I tend to play Devil’s Advocate.

      That said, there’s nothing illegal about the CCU. There are, in fact, other organizations and individuals out there doing the exact same thing for bloggers, photographers and more. They all provide assistance to creators to make their way through the DMCA process.

      The CCU is not representing any grid. If a grid wishes to use their services, then that is the grid owner’s decision and does not violate their ToS.unless that ToS specifically states that a third party cannot be consulted or used. It may be that such exist, but I’ve never seen one yet. And I DO read ToS.

      One final point. I also use Edit on other people’s objects, especially vendors. I have been ripped off too many times by being sold an empty box. I am also an avid builder and am always curious to see how others solve certain build problems, which then improves my own skills and so the quality of my own builds are enhanced.

  4. Sarge Misfit (@SargeMisfit) on said:

    I don’t have an account on 3RG, but I have been aware of the CCU since it was first formed. In fact, I have no stake in this at all. But, I do have two questions.

    What happens to the “offending” content in the meantime?

    What happens if the complainant files a DMCA Notice without going through the CCU?

    • michaelsietz on said:

      Sarge, we are not a bunch of lawers thats true, and no one HAS to file DMCA’s with us. Everything has been set up with the oversight of an attorney with in the United States. It is NOT our intent to bully

      • Sarge Misfit (@SargeMisfit) on said:

        I’m afraid I don’t understand part of your response, Michael. I’ve said absolutely nothing about bullying.

        You did answer the second question, but what about the first one? What about the disputed content if someone does go through the CCU? Is it removed or does it remain?

  5. Minethere on said:

    well…i dunno really…i just talked to justin [he seemed a bit upset:P].

    I don’t really have any stake in this either but it just occurs to me that some people trust grid owners a whole heck of a lot more than they should–lol.

    So my own take was simply one of giving an arbitrator a go at DMCA issues..is all.

    From what little I have seen [little compared to the majority of users but still significant as realistically DMCAs aren\'t really filed all that often anyways--or does someone have some numbers on that?] that the few I have known about were not handled very well at all by grid owners.

    I mean, isn’t this either a case of a grid owner doing these or the CCU doing them with grid owner oversight and final say? Seems so to me…and thus, the favoritism issue has a wider audience and more transparency..or am I missing something? Since one thing I do know very well is that grid owners DO have their favorites-))

    [hugsss justin!!!]

  6. Linda Henson on said:

    I think this is just not explained very well maybe. The sense I got from is is that someone on each grid has to investigate DMCA’s when they are filed. This is normally the job of the grid owner or one of their employees. I think that Michael is just offering to do that for grids and then tell them what he finds out to help them out and then they make the decision on what to do or what action to take. He cannot make that decision. And grid owners don’t have to use his “help”. This is no different than if he were an employee of this grid except for that he doesn’t get paid and is just doing it to help out people like justin or others who want their content protected.

    Almost everyone I know goes into edit on items to see who the creator is or what permissions the item holds. I don’t think being upset about someone doing that is really very smart. It’s kind of just a normal thing in virtual worlds.

    Honestly I think Michael is just trying to do something nice by forming this group and trying to help. He got upset seeing his friends stuff copybotted and he got upset about sl TOS stating that they basically own everything you create on their grid. I think he is just trying to make a positive difference. But if anyone knows why this is wrong I’d like to hear.

    I trust Michael totally but I also think that grids should do their own investigations. But this is up to the grid owners as to who they appoint to take care of that investigation for them.

    From what I can tell with my conversations with Michael he isn’t planning on going out and “looking” for stolen or copybotted items. He is only going to help with the investigation “after” a DMCA (and after the grid owner asks for his help) is filed and trying to help some of the grid owners who may not be as well versed in the process. So Michael has spent a lot of time learning about this stuff and then wants to help.

    Honestly I don’t know why. People don’t seem to appreciate what he is trying to do or appreciate his help and my advice to him is to just look the other way. Let people alone and let them fight the battle themselves. God knows I have fought so many battles for other people and just got slapped in the face for it. He will find the same treatment I’m sure.

    Also I hate the word “union”. But I have always been anti-union in real life and so that word just makes my skin crawl.

    So for the record and I would like to give my advice to Michael publicly I say “Let these people deal with their own crap and don’t offer your help because it won’t be appreciated and you will just get to become the next target”.

    • Sarge Misfit (@SargeMisfit) on said:

      Actually, Linda, there is no investigation. At least, not by the grid or its agents. When a DMCA Notice is filed and sent to the grid’s DMCA agent, they only verify that it is filled out with all the required information. The grid next makes and saves a backup of the infringing content. This is so that it can be replaced if it is found that the content was not infringing after all. If it was, then it is never returned to the grid.

      If a counter-Notice is filed, then it goes to the courts. If the courts find in favour of the original complainant, then the content does not get returned to the grid. If the courts find in favour of the counter-Claimant, then it does get returned.

      One thing that everyone should keep in mind, especially those who would abuse this process. Filing a false DMCA Notice is perjury, which is classified as a felony.

      • Linda Henson on said:

        Ah I didn’t know that. I don’t file DMCA’s. I just know that the last one I heard about was in Island Oasis and they did do an investigation and went to SL to check out things etc. Took them 10 days before taking the content out of the asset servers. I just assumed this was how it was done.
        So apparently all grid owners need to brush up on the rules of this I guess. I had originally thought that was what the CCU was formed to do….. to help people help each other and share this knowledge.
        Thank you for that information Sarge.

        • Sarge Misfit (@SargeMisfit) on said:

          Just to add a bit for clarity. There’s nothing wrong with a grid investigating, especially if it helps people to keep out of the court system, which is very lengthy and expensive. But its not required and the grid cannot leave the content up while it investigates. The DMCA specifically states that the content must be removed as expeditiously as possible. Since an investigation is not a requirement, it can be argued that it is an unnecessary delay.

          Keep in mind, I am not a lawyer, but that is my understanding of the DMCA as it is written. And there’s the further complication that the DMCA applies only to US based grids, though almost all non-US grids will honour a DMCA Notice. Any grid that wishes to investigate first should speak with their legal counsel.

          • Minethere on said:

            So then couldn’t the CCU act to investigate –BEFORE- an actual DMCA is filed?

            In other words, in order to keep content on a grid that is only suspect but actually not known for a fact to be stolen?

            And in those cases where somebody is trying to cause issues for someone they don’t like, rather than have their content removed while the DMCA has been filed, the content could stay on the grid while the CCU looks into it?

            As the problem I do see with all this DMCA stuff is one of abusing it by the [what I call] problem people who seem to always pop up to cause problems for others. Since if a DMCA is filed the content must be removed regardless of whether or not it is stolen, right?

            Could a report be made to a grid owner of suspected stolen content, the CCU look into it, and make a report? –Then–if it is found to be stolen the DNCA could be filed?

            [I do need more coffee-))]

          • Sarge Misfit (@SargeMisfit) on said:

            The site isn’t showing a reply option, Minethere, but here it is.

            The point to keep in mind is that a DMCA Notice is a legal document. It is the starting point for a legal proceeding. Once filed, there are specific things that must be done by all parties involved. Another point is that the filing of a Notice does not mean that the content is actually infringing on copyright. That is why there’s an opportunity to counter-Notice. Its for the courts to actually decide if content infringes or not.

            However, before a Notice is filed, there’s still all the flexibility of action available. In other words and to answer, yes, an investigation can be conducted BEFORE a DMCA Notice is filed.

            There are two ways in which it can be done. What you said is one way. A Resident contacts the grid administration (owners, managers, etc) regarding the content in question. The grid contacts the CCU and asks for an investigation. The other way is for the Resident to contact the CCU directly to request an investigation.

            In both cases, its the fact that the CCU is an independent third party that works for it. It should be reasonably expected that it would conduct the investigation without bias. Once its investigation is complete, then it would then report its findings to the grid or Resident that requested the investigation.

            I have to digress a moment here. One of the troubling aspects of the CCU is that they plan on recommending that people be banned, etc. I don’t think they should do any such thing. They should only report their findings and then let the content creator decide on any further action. The reason for this is to ensure that they maintain that third party impartiality. They investigate. They help to file DMCA properly. They advocate for change to the DMCA. They advocate for better ToS agreements. But not get involved in a grid’s internal administration, which is what banning someone would be.

            As for abusing the DMCA process, that happens. There is an immediate loss because the content does get removed right away. Here’s the import point about that, though. The false-filer counts on people not filing a counter-Notice. People won’t file a counter-Notice out of fear of reprisal. Their information is handed over to the person abusing the process and so might be subject to harassment, etc.

            Consider this, though. Filing a false DMCA Notice is felony perjury. If you file a counter-Notice and you get harassed, there are even more serious repercussions for the harasser. Witness tampering comes to mind. Even more serious charges can be laid if the harasser makes threats against you. Just think of all those RL cases where the criminal tried to intimidate someone from pressing charges or to keep them from going to court. Its the same thing.

            This is where the CCU can play an additional role. Acting as a repository of evidence. They can be given copies of harassing emails, details of actions taken, statements made and so on. It is in this role that the CCU’s third party impartiality would be truly crucial. This goes even further when it becomes generally known that harassing counter-Notice filers results in evidence being kept for further criminal proceedings. That acts as a deterrent to such harassment.

            In general, I always recommend that a person file a counter-Notice if someone has filed a false one. Its hard on them if the false filer is a nasty jerk and begins harassing. But that false filer is a criminal. If a false filer harasses or intimidates someone due to a counter-Notice, not only are they facing federal time for perjury, but they risk further felony charges.

            False filers should keep that in mind. Is an object that doesn’t exist in the real world and is worth less than a dollar really worth years in jail as some rapist’s b****?

          • Minethere on said:

            Very good additional comments–)) I am learning a lot here..and so are, I expect, others.

            My primary issue is the loss of income when a DMCA is filed, regardless of if true or not.

            I would like to see a way to not doing that since it is the way of this law.

            As well, calling for banning, etc, I would not agree with. Obviously an investigation would be onerous enough for all parties, and those kinds of things could be decided by a grid owner once all the facts have been acquired. I would expect that the additional penalties would have to weigh many other factors.

            The unbiased aspect has the most appeal to me.

          • Sarge Misfit (@SargeMisfit) on said:

            That’s another aspect of false filing, Minethere. If the courts find that they did falsely file a DMCA Notice, then the false filer becomes liable for damages, such as loss of income. And such law suits can also involve punitive awards, which are additional to the damages. Then there’s the court costs, which can also be recovered from the false filer.

            So, filing a false DMCA Notice can not only result in loss of freedom and a criminal record, but it can also result in the loss of everything they own to pay court awards and costs.

          • Linda Henson on said:

            Don’t know why the reply buttons on this page seem so messed up. So I am not sure where this reply will land on this page but I wanted to say thanks to Sarge. Thank you Sarge, you have explained things clearly and in a way that I can understand. And that isn’t easy to do with me hehe.
            It also got a few of my friends talking about the whole process and looking things up and brought even more things to light. Knowledge is power and in this case that is so true. People should understand the process before jumping into it and if they don’t understand it then it’s good to have someone around to help.
            Your comments have been helpful and I appreciate them.

          • Minethere on said:

            Not meaning to beat a dead horse here [that is jus\' a saying here in Texas folx], but my point is that involving the courts takes an awful lot of time and effort and money, regardless of whether or not someone filed a false claim or whatever the outcome is.

            There is also the reality of if the person at the wrong end of this [whether a false claim or not] wants to go to all the trouble of dealing with the courts in the first place.

            If, for example, I have an item out and someone doesn’t like me, files a DMCA, my content is removed, I have no time or interest in filing a counter-notice for any number of reasons..then my item is not going to be on that grid making whatever money for me it would have….right?

            What if I would have simply taken care of the matter if I was simply informed by the creator themselves of their concerns? Isn’t all this really the responsibility of the creator of whatever content is at the root of this? And if so, if someone feels my item is not kosher than should not the creator be informed and they decide that it is worth their time to contact me personally? And if they don’t, then the whole thing is moot isn’t it?

            My issue is that all to often some things get out of control quickly when simple human interactions would have solved whatever is going on, without involving the courts, who often just make things even worse…especially when an innocent party is involved.

            This can be seen to happen with many interactions where people take their personal issues to those in positions of authority, thinking for some reason those people have some actual ability to exercise that authority wisely, when it is often the case they do not.

            This is why I am a strong fan of the american jury system. The more heads the better to adjudicate personal matters, the better, seems to me. And is why this CCU idea seems to be a good one to me. It is also why I feel some grid owners will fight it with all they can muster.

            I do not know how the CCU is structured however, if it will appoint people to investigate claims? Who are those people? How many will be involved in an investigation? What structures are in place to keep checks and balances?

          • Sarge Misfit (@SargeMisfit) on said:

            “If, for example, I have an item out and someone doesn’t like me, files a DMCA, my content is removed, I have no time or interest in filing a counter-notice for any number of reasons..then my item is not going to be on that grid making whatever money for me it would have….right?”

            That’s right.

            Not only that, but if you do not file a counter-Notice, your item remains off the grid and will never earn you anything there. Then there’s the fact that the false-filer will have succeeded, which reinforces their behaviour. Such persons will go ahead and use this tactic against others that they don’t like.

            The point in such a situation is that the person has some sort of “hate on” for you. They aren’t going to contact you and ask about the legitimacy of your content, they’re just going to go ahead and false-file against you. Once that Notice has been filed, you have to choose to counter file or not. And the false-filer counts on you not counter filing.

            Then there’s the case of where someone thinks your item is infringing on someone else’s content. They cannot file a Notice, though, unless they are the creator. All they can do is contact the creator and/or the grid.

            If they are the creator, but they are unsure if your item is actually infringing, then they can choose to file a Notice, they can contact you directly, they can contact the grid or, since we’re discussing them, they can contact the CCU. The crucial point is whether they choose to contact the various parties or just go ahead and file. Most people, however, will choose to contact and ask first. After all, a mistake could have been made. This is where the CCU would play a role by investigating the claims.

            As for how the CCU is structured or how they will conduct any such investigations, I don’t know. I’m not a member. My own comments here come from a background of having spent almost ten years working in a law office researching legislation and case law and then drafting briefs and arguments for the lawyers.

            Another point I’d like to make. In thinking on this subject, I had a thought about something that the CCU can add to their services. They could compile a directory of attorneys who would be willing to work pro bono or on contingency. By doing so we would all benefit.

            One of the biggest deterrents to filing a counter-Notice is cost. Being able to contact an attorney and getting their help without the worry of costs would go a very long way to stopping the abuses of the DMCA process.

  7. Minethere on said:

    well, I dunno, really…but it seems like a reasonably good idea to me. I just do not see the issue.

    However, I have to agree that copybotters and such will certainly cry foul to high heaven. As well, I expect some grid owners will definitely NOT be interested and do what they can to stop this kind of thing.

    I am one who loves transparency, and one who has seen much attempts to disguise transparency in some grids, in all sorts of ways. Bringing new light to grid operations of ANY sort, seems to me, to be a something that should be at least tried. Believe me, some grids go to an awful lot of trouble hiding things, when if they were smart, they would find transparency a much less stressful way to be.

    Seems to me he has the proper stance on this, seems to me, anyways. As a helper in DMCA investigations..I just do not grasp how that can be harmful.

    I know I sure edit items I see all the time. I do it to find out who is the creator so I can contact them to buy it–)))

    I would sure love some more content creators thoughts on this [ I just create a bunch of crap...myself-lol] [when I do, that is]–))

  8. MsVelvetVoice on said:

    Ever heard of “The Little Boy That Cried Wolf?”
    I am a creator, builder and consumer. I also buy full perm content as well as extended licenses to use that content on other grids. I will admit that I put far more money into content and licensing than I am likely to get back out of it through product sales. I have used Michael Somerset’s animations for years. I am fortunate enough that when I request a custom made animation, Michael will screen share with me while he is creating the animation thus affording me the opportunity to get exactly what I want. Needless to say I am very familiar with his animations and very happy having a successful business relationship with him.
    As a consumer when I see an item that I would like to purchase I naturally do an edit on the item as well as the vendor. I cannot tell you how many times I have bought items from a vendor and the product is simply not in the vendor. Additionally I like to check permissions on the items I am buying. As a furniture maker, I usually purchase a sex or cuddle beds from a competitor for my own personal use. Otherwise when trying to spend quality time with someone special I end up thinking what if I organized the MLP Menu this way, or man that texture needs tweeking, or how can I reduce prims on this item… you get the idea. So when I am looking for furniture for “personal” use and am trying out the animations and notice they are animations from Michael and they are not in his name I go back to Michael and ask about it. This is for my own protection as a consumer (because I don’t want to spend money on something that is not going to function a week down the road) and a creator.
    As a creator who purchases extended licenses it pisses me off to no end when I hear or see someone that is ignorant to the process of needing extended licenses not to mention theft. There are precious few creators that offer extended licenses as it is; and I have spent years forging personal relationships with many of them in order to build trust and loyalty. I take the trust that is put in me when I have purchased a license very seriously. The sculpts and textures that I use are of the highest quality and are part of the foundation of my business. Therefore as a third party when someone discloses to me that they do not have a license for “xyz” content it is my duty, obligation and legal right to notify the original content creator as well as file a third party DMCA should I so choose. To NOT do so would be to bastardize MY Products resulting in their devaluation. This is why third party DMCA’s are so very important. Let me break it down a bit further, when purchasing an extended license it is like entering a business partnership. Ensuring the safety of that content is then partly your responsibility otherwise you might as well watch your business go down the drain.
    Now as for this rubbish about a “fake” Union, “cronies” and illegal policing… Take a pill Justn. Sheesh. You are really coming across as someone who is having a screaming panic attack because they have something to hide. Not to mention a bit paranoid about “jealous competitors” Never did anyone say the CCU was going out on their own looking for content theft. They provide a service to grid owners and those who file a DMCA to facilitate in the filing and investigating process. Nowhere on the CCU’s web site do they claim to be lawyers or offer legal advice. They do offer their services to grid owners and service providers to assist in creating fair and just Terms of Service Agreements as well as investigative services regarding DMCA’s.
    If you and others actually took the time to read the mission statement of the CCU you would find that one of their goals is to ensure that content creators like yourself are entitled to prior notification of a grid closing to ensure enough time for the extraction of your intellectual content. Additionally its goal is supersede any TOS in order to ensure that the rights to the content that creators have made on any grid remains the sole property of the original creator not the grid owner. Grids that lay claim to your intellectual property or creations are doing what is known as unlawful enrichment. The CCU wants only to assist creators in banding together to have a unified voice as artisans to stop this.
    To further break it down the real mission is to facilitate virtual worlds with making their environments fair, fun and creative. What is there to bitch about?
    You claim that what the CCU is doing is illegal… I happen to personally know that an intellectual property rights lawyer in the USA was consulted about forming the CCU and its mission. So if you think that laws are being broken I challenge you to quote me one law just one that is being broken. I am sure that you will not be able to do this therefore I suggest you stop crying wolf.
    As for your little note card at the mall in 3rd Rock Grid its contents are slander and that my friend is against the law. I would also challenge you to name a grid that does not have Linda Kellie’s content. Linda has done more for the open sim community with contributing free content than any other single person in the open sim community. As for her items being “crap” and “high prim garbage” I suggest that you take a look around the next time you land back home in IO’s welcome center as that is all content that was created by Linda.
    The 3rd Rock Grid has been around longer than any other open sim grid with the exception of OS Grid. Let’s set the facts straight here when Michael was at your store (commercial not private property) he was there with me to help me see the poses on the beds you sell. I had been shopping and just bought some boots at Deviant Designs when I saw the beds and I WAS considering purchasing one for personal use. However I was unsatisfied with the quality of the animations, and overall aesthetics of the products.
    In closing I would actually like to thank you for giving the CCU your attention. Any advertizing is good advertizing. Anyone who reads the note card that you left will come to the same conclusion that I have; that you are paranoid and slightly delusional.

    • Minethere on said:

      And Linda’s textures are in even more girds. Inwz it is under the avie of Ayla Holt-))

      And if my avie isn’t a ruth in a grid she is setup in Linda skin and clothes in several grids…lol

      Maybe we can all step back and stop the name-calling folx….come on now– pls??

  9. I agree, The only people that could possibly have a problem with CCU are the ones with something to hide. In addition, People taking cheap shots at Linda are lower than vermin in my book and do not belong on any grid except a little standalone grid on their own computer.

    • Minethere on said:

      I would have to agree with you Sara..it is beyond me that anyone would have a problem with what Linda has contributed to the metaverse. So beyond my thinking I simply do not even wish to think about it. And as well, having just met her myself not to very long ago, I find her to be especially nice and with marvelous human emotions [to often lacking in these vws we live in].

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