Let’s Not Be Hypocrites

I personally believe some grids have crossed the fine-line between protection and censorship. Many residents may not even know that their grid has these censorship rules, so I am just going to point out the grids I know of straight quotes from their own Terms of Service. This is one of the biggest reasons I actually encourage people who are going to be investing their money in these grids to read your grids Terms of Service and Active User Agreements.

Island Oasis
“Any efforts to bribe or otherwise entice Island Oasis land owners to abandon their land holdings in order to move to another grid is expressly prohibited. This practice is unethical and will not be condoned. The provision of evidence of this type of activity to the Island Oasis staff or management team will result in the immediate banning of the offending account(s) avatar and IP address.”
What this means: “Island Oasis if you are deemed trying to convert residents to go to another grid, you are banned.” Why do I say it this way? Because this: “…bribe or otherwise entice… …to abandon their land holdings…” They are saying if you speak to someone about coming to another grid and they “decide” to get rid of their land because they like your grid better, well you just violated the policy.

Sadly this is the only grid I know that has a policy in place like this, I have heard that InWorldz did, but when I checked again today I saw no such thing. This kind of policy doesn’t even make much since to me when grids like SecondLife even allow it. Many grids even have a presence in other grids like SecondLife, including Island Oasis. Which to me seems hypocritical, I have attached their official location in SecondLife below:


Not only are they having this sign which says “lower cost, lower lag” which is doing exactly what is agianst their own Terms of Service. They go on in their profiles:


Just please be weary of the grids you join, and be sure to read the Terms of Service. I am not saying IO is a bad grid, or even not to join it. I am merely saying do you think this policy is fair? And lastly is it right for them to go to another grid and do exactly what they forbid? Just ask yourself these questions.

Timothy Rogers

Contributor of opensimulator events, news, and resources. Folf in the furry fandom, and loves to have fun with other opensim residents. Fun loving, laid back, and not affraid to say what is on his mind to the public.

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8 comments on “Let’s Not Be Hypocrites

  1. Linda Henson says:

    I do not think that it is wrong for any grid to advertise in SL. Most alternative grids have a presence in sl as you stated. Most have groups and meeting places and even advertisements signs up like the one you have shown here for Island Oasis.
    Apparently SL believes in freedom of speech. SL does not ban someone for talking about other grids or even for advertising them.

    Island Oasis has no sense of fair play at all.

    On my first day in Island Oasis I talked to Sugar Paolino and asked her what she thought about people talking about other grids while on her grid. In front of Tim she told me that she has nothing against that and it doesn’t bother her and that people can talk about other grids as much as they want. I had asked her this because one of my friends had gotten banned from another grid for this reason and I wanted to make sure that IO wasn’t like that. So she lied to me apparently.

  2. Minethere Always says:

    Well…freedom of speech is and will always be a tenuous thing and succumbs to many interpretations. Even in America, the so-called bastion of freedom, freedom of speech is tenuous and restricted in many ways..and changes over time.

    and in any grid…but certainly in some, ppl have to watch what they say…it should never be forgotten the grid owners and their designated ppl have full access to anything having to do on their grids…to anything having to do with any account/avatar.

  3. Nicole Dreyer / Sugar Paolino says:

    Linda, You have spent the last month or more spewing your vile comments about Island Oasis and me personally. I have no problem with other grids. I never have and I never will. You, for some reason have tried to take anything that I have ever said or even things that I haven’t and turn them into your own personal attacks against me. If I had a problem with other grids or people being in them I would delete or ban everyone if other grids were even talked about. Instead, I have encouraged many of my residents to venture to other worlds to help them sell their content.
    You have no proof of any of the lies that you spread. I used to have so much respect for you. Now that I have seen the evil side of Linda Kellie I want no part of you or what you stand for. I have always had integrity and truth. I always will. You would rather spew your “own” truths.
    Tim, I have read sl’s TOS before I ever put island oasis there. I have a premium account there and have had one for many years. Most opensim grids have some kind of presence there. The pics that you have used in your blog are either from other members or our personal profiles. You both “claim” to want to work with all grids to form a unity but the words and actions from both of you are the complete opposite aka.. hypocritical.
    Island Oasis on the other hand, has been open to and encourage peace between all grids. Honestly the reason I do not participate in these vile blogs is that I feel they are very unproductive and I am way too busy working in my own grid to make things better for my members. I might suggest the same to you both. Instead of attacking people or grids why not try to work for a unity. As my mother taught me growing up….If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

    Nicole Dreyer
    (Sugar Paolino)
    Co-Founder / Co-Owner
    Island Oasis, LLC

    • Timothy Rogers says:

      I never defamed the name of your grid or attacked your grid, even the end of this blog publicly states that I do not discourage or discriminate the use of your grid. I merely stated that consider your policy and your stance on it. As my father once told me, the golden rule if that, “do unto others as you wish to be done unto you” I feel this blog lets you and your residents know about your policy, and how I feel you could twist the policy in it’s current wording structure. Secondly, that you have this rule yet you say it is fine to do on SL because it does not violate their terms of service, yet it violates your own in that since.

      I have no dislike or call to go against your grid, I expressed that in my blog that I mean nothing bad or even telling others to leave or not join. I point out grids faults, and things I believe need to be heard. Part of Freedom of Speech, I told my readers to infer their own decisions, and make their own judgments. If you feel I forced my readers to hate your grid, you must not have read the whole article. For that I am ashamed, and I am also ashamed you would go to call my blog vile as it has never defamed the name of another grid, and never shall.

      • Timber says:

        It’s not you or the blog, or anything you said here Tim, clearly with all Linda had posted about the whole scene, and what I’ve seen, the problem is not Linda EITHER. I know her well enough to believe her side of the story implicitly on what happened.

    • Timber says:

      “You have no proof of any of the lies that you spread. I used to have so much respect for you. Now that I have seen the evil side of Linda Kellie I want no part of you or what you stand for.
      (Sugar Paolino)”

      I don’t know Linda all that well personally, so you can’t diss me as being just a friend of hers or soemthing, but miss, I know Linda a lot more than I know you, and from what I have seen of Linda and how much she gives of herselt, her time and everything she creates for FREE to everyone totally free of any restrictions, and reading what she posted here, your post and what she stated you and your TOS says now, I’d say the problem is not Linda at all, it’s *YOU*!!! YOURSELF!!!, AND Y’ALL!!!
      Go away and go back to your little walled garden.

    • Annonomous says:

      As you have made the claim, the burden of proof is upon you. The American legal systems work on the principal of “innocent until proven guilty”.

      What that all means is that Linda does not have to prove that she is innocent, but that you have to prove that she is guilty. If this ever went to court, it would be you that had to supply the proof.

  4. Linda Henson says:

    I replied to you on my blog Sugar. I didn’t spew vile comments about Island Oasis. I said that you banned me and you did. I said that you don’t have any reason to and you don’t. If that is lies or vile then maybe you shouldn’t have done it.
    If you are ashamed of it then and didn’t want anyone knowing then maybe you shouldn’t have done it. Just sayin