Grid Press is now easier to submit content, and go back and fix up mistakes as well. We are now giving the author’s direct access to submit and get their story on our blog. I hope that many grid owners, grid citizens, and more will start and begin to contribute stories to the site. To learn how the new system works, click the “Submit A Story” button at the top right. I hope you all find that this makes it easier for you to come post and make grid-press the place to get your articles seen.



Because of some spamming we have closed this feature down for now until we can get better security in place. 

Timothy Rogers

Contributor of opensimulator events, news, and resources. Folf in the furry fandom, and loves to have fun with other opensim residents. Fun loving, laid back, and not affraid to say what is on his mind to the public.

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One comment on “Submitting A Story NOW WITH MORE CONTROL!

  1. Minethere says:

    oooo../me puts on thinking cap and tries to recall her past days of writing!! I wanna contribute-)) this is so cool-))