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The Metaverse is alive with people! Building, creating, imagining, exploring, meeting, talking.


Hello, I am rather new by many people’s standards as time is told, but I do try to get around a bit. I love seeing all that the Metaverse has to offer and in trying to find all that I can I am part of various blogs and sites where I read, sometimes comment, and often explore from the information given.


There is much to see and do, it can easily fill a day in many ways. To the time spent simply to give a new region a good look to delving further inside them to find all the sweet and wonderful gifts the owners offer so freely.


I have found many gems, and I know there are many more to discover and enjoy. From the wonders inside closed grids to the wonders of opensim, it is truly amazing. Please allow me to share just a few places…enjoy-))

I will start with my current main home grid. Metropolis Metaversum:


Is a unique concept. Please read their website for a more in-depth tutorial but I would tell you that though it is a grid, in that it is a collection of regions that are connected it is also a group of regions where some are hosted by the grid itself, and some are run by individuals and connected inside. You can run your own opensim region or use a hosting company, or rent from Metropolis. My own hypergate there is hypergrid.org:8002:minethere and from there you can use the various gates I have set out or freely explore as you wish.


Osgrid http://www.osgrid.org/ is a wonderful and very large collection of individually run regions and hosted regions. The core database is kept by the grid. Their LBSA Plaza is the Welcome Region and has some items to start your avatar. It is also a very good place to meet new and interesting people and just hang around and participate in the news of the Metaverse. I try to spend a couple of hours there a day now. You can see an example of the business of OSGrid here:


You can find all the information you need to run your own instance of a Region or Regions here http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Main_Page . You can run it privately on your own computer or connect it to either OSGrid or Metropolis. It does take some technical skill at understanding how to do this, but there is much information on that website as well as you can simply create an account in OSGrid and talk to other people. My hypergate there is hg.osgrid.org:80:minethere


Then there are grids that are connected to the hypergate system. This website has much information in that area http://thehypergates.com/ .


Craft is one of my favorites due to its very welcoming residents and the tons of content given freely [my favorite opensim hair is there at the Rainbow Region-))]:



My friend virtual Christine calls it home also http://virtualchristine.com/ and she is a wonderful source of information as well as a good friend to have. You can use the hypergate system to go into and out of Craft to OSGRid, Metropolis, private open regions and such.


I also like Lost Paradise http://ccdbbs.com:8002/wifi/news.html . Though I do not go there very often I do include it as it is hypergated and I found a wonderful free and copiable couples dance machine there-)). It has a very nice Welcome Region and there is tons of quality content there to find.


3rd Rock Grid, though a closed Grid, is also one that is well worth exploring:



The residents who call it home are extremely nice and laid back. They are probably the most community oriented grid I have found, truly doing that which they strive to do, being welcoming, helping and there is much free content there [I love vbinnia’s free Steampunk related items as well as all else she offers in particular]. All of Linda Kellie’s free regions are in that grid as well. They also have much for-sale content as closed grids are only able to currently offer safely.


3rg, as we call it [yes, I have a home there as well] holds events, the owners are very accessible and they operate in a Team approach…think old hippie commune and you will have a good grasp of how things are done there-)).


The most fascinating thing I found there, being a terraformer myself, is the very high mountains in many of the core mainland Regions, some soaring upwards of 200 meters and in the clouds.


I also think Kitely is a fascinating and unique Grid:



I like Kitely primarily because it offers an extremely easy process for setting up and enjoying your own Region. They offer a free entry Region and several pricing options. You can participate in their forums here:




They are unique in that the Regions are only brought up when requested. As well, you can easily import and export OARs from the website control interface.


I also like Haven http://www.havenyourworld.com/ and Olantica http://www.olantica.com/


Though small closed grids they offer peace and quiet and friendly people-))


There are a ton of resources around the net for free content and I can only name a few but more are easily found with a little bit of networking. Linda http://www.lindakellie.com/New/ has probably the most to offer. Opensim-Creations http://opensim-creations.com/ is also very good. And http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2011/06/where-to-get-content-for-opensim/ did a very good article putting together a ton of resources.


There are also a growing number of social networks you can join to discuss opensim and meet people. Two I know of using google+ are:



Hopefully those work but if not, and your on google+ search for the communities of –Opensim Virtual- and –Osgrid.org.


Another I like, though small, is growing, Opensim City http://opensimcity.org/index.php?lang=en and Gridcache is also very nice https://gridcache.net/activity


There is much more to do and see in the growing Metaverse, and in 2013 I expect it will see a very large boom. The time is now to get involved and get to know it-)).


I cannot even imagine including all I have seen so far in this article so please feel free to add your own favorite places in the comments. If I missed someone, please be kind, I am simply wanting to do this as a starting point and have the readers add their own explorations and thoughts-))


Warm regards—minethere

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