Author: Michael Sietz

3rd Rock Grid Names CCU as DMCA Investigative Body

Today the 3rd Rock Grid and the Content Creators Union reached an agreement allowing the CCU to receive DMCA complaints and act on them on behalf of the grid and its residents. As President of the CCU, I would like to congratulate Lazuli Pooraka and his team. I hope to assist any and all grids with DMCA filings. The CCU will receive the DMCA complaints for 3RG and then begin the process of testing the complaint for DMCA validity. Upon confirmation of validity, the CCU will investigate the claim by interviewing the complainant as well as the accused violator and, reviewing any evidence submitted by either party. Upon completion of the investigation, the CCU will organize the case and submit a recommendation for dispensation to the 3RG staff. We hope to provide a consistent and efficient service for the creators, consumers, and the grid staff. As the CCU maintains autonamy from any specific grid, we believe we can objectively act for the security of one and all.

Thank you to the owners and staff of 3rd Rock Grid for your confidence in the CCU.

Michael Sietz (RL name)

Michael Somerset (virtual alias)