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A little Guide to OpenSim City

Hello my dearest dears! Isn`t this marvelous, here we all are on Grid Press, the exciting new resource for  the virtual frontier of OpenSim!   I am completely jazzed,  having never written anything except my own little( okay ridiculously long) blog posts. Wheeeee! This is awesome!  Thank you so much for this opportunity Timothy !



Righty oh, back to business. I wanted to talk to you today about another excellent  OpenSim resource I recently blogged about, called OpenSim City , which creator Marisa Giancarla describes as “ your portal to all things OpenSim. “


Now, I only ever used one or two OpenSim City features. The rest of the website was  the kind of technical stuff, which, as a non tech nerd, I am used to just bleeping out.   So it was an eye opener for me when more technically oriented people  found  Marisas website a tad confusing.


After a couple of weeks emailing, and me  learning some helper monkey maneuvers, this is what I think is the problem!


When Marisa says ALL things OpenSim, she’s not kidding. This frighteningly intelligent  Amiga/ Linux  veteran has nearly  every gadget, doodad, gizmo and  thingamabob out there on her baby- and believe me, she is adding stuff even as we speak!


So what can you do on OpenSim City? Almost anything, really! Here’s the first wave:


-You can log in with an account from every social network in the known universe.


-You can have your own OpenSim City email account .


 -As a member your  home page  lets you have friends , post events on the main calendar, just your friends, or your group, a profile ,  post photos and videos, create groups,  and god knows what else!


-You can ask Marisa questions on the little live chat thingie in the bottom left hand corner. You can also leave a message if she is not online. There is a live chat feed thing in the right corner for  general members in the right bottom corner.


Da Da Da Daaah! THE MAIN MENU!! We will do the ginormous MISC. file last. Bleep.


-You can post  in the FORUMS. Play nice!


-DOWNLOADS; One of the  features I bleeped big time. Fortunately Marisa writes “selected files to download for free. The larger files require  you to log in before downloading to keep our overhead down to a certain amount each day. There are things like pose balls, OAR and IAR files, Opensim clients, etc. they also have links to the original site the files  are from. Basicly a curated set of files from other websites put into one  convenient location”


-You can submit SUPPORT tickets, and Marisa will sort your butt out “this lets you enter a support ticket for me to look into issues  you find. You can also send a email to [email protected] to open a  new ticket. This is the preferred option for reporting issues instead of  chat as it lets me kep track of the status and you will get noticed when I think I have addressed your issue.!


- Now this was one of the two things I used and was excited enough to blog about.  You can submit REGION REVIEWS!   I had often wanted to start a kind of simple, searchable rolodex, Wiki, whatever the heck for OpenSim, where anyone could snap a picture,  write a paragraph or two about a grid or region, and post it .  I thought it could become a wonderful resource for us all. MARISA HAD ALREADY DONE THIS!!!!  Try it; it’s 100% no bleep!


-On OS LINKS you can add texts links and banners to OpenSim City. Marisa states “this is a directory of Opensim related websites with 468×60  banners and/or text links. Basically you add your website URL and email address and then attach banners and/or text links to this URL. You can have  up to 10 of each on the same URL and they will be randomly  chosen to  appear on every page. The text links must include a short title text and a longer description. If you want to have your link promoted to featured  status (which appears more often and in a prominent position) you can buy  it for a couple bucks. “ She has a walkthrough if you need it, but it was straightforward enough to become one of my  monkey moves.


AND NOW FOR THE TON OF MISC FEATURES!!!!! Don’t worry!  Marisa does most of the explaining. BLEEEEEEP!


-FAQ’S-Marisa has answers to everything; Client issues, Grid Issues, Programming Issues, Server Issues, OpenSim Website Issues, and my personal favorite, the Tutorials, which are” for dummies “ level step by step instructions to the websites many features,  such as adding region reviews!


- Invitations – Marisa says “ if you like Opensim City and you want to share it you can use this link to invite friends using your contacts services such as yahoo,  gmail, etc.”


- Mail Alerts – Marisa tells us“ here you can select how often or if at all you get updates  about activity on OC sent to your mailbox”


-Testimonials- if you think all this is impressive, please share that thought!


-About- Very bleepless!


-Calendar- This is the other thing I was really into!  Again, I had thought it would be great to have one big  OpenSim calendar that anyone could  use, and  again, MARISA HAD ALREADY DONE IT!!!! I am slowly plugging in every OpenSim class, event, party  anything I can find, and if we all do this, imagine what a resource it will be!!  As a member, you can plug dates into the calendar through the events  tab on your homepage!


- Contact Us- totally bleepless!


- External News –  Marisa shares”this is a news aggregation of data from many of the main opensim-related websites. Note that you can use the search feature to findposts related to a topic across all the feeds. Feeds are updated a couple  of times a day, but not in real-time so if you post to one of the source site it may not show up for a time.” I thought it was really neat because it looks like an all OpenSim newspaper- check it out!


- Chat Options – Marisa informs us” aside from the chat on the bottom right side of the page there are also (currently) 2 other chat options. The SHOUTBOX is a  asynchronous chat where you can post a message and other people can read it and respond to it without having to be online at the same time, much like  the message feature. The IRC CHAT is another type which supports clients for almost all platforms to chat with each other, but you do not see what  was typed before you got there, unlike the shoutbox. The last type is the active chat that appears on the bottom right of the screen. This has the feature of letting everyone the ability to create chat rooms for their own use. You are automatically signed into this chat when you log into OC.   Try them out and report which you like best so we can get an idea of  which one to keep supporting.” Now I don’t know if the last sentence is directed to me or not, but I think somebody who knows what asynchronous means should really be giving the feedback at this point. Big honkin´ bleep.


My concluding thought is a Lego metaphor, that occurred to me after finishing this post.  If  OpenSim City resembles anything, it is the old school Leggo.  You may have to think a bit more about exactly what you want to do with it( which as I remember was part of the fun) but once you get a feel for the blocks, the sky is the limit!!


And that, my dearest dears, concludes our little guide to OpenSim City. Thank you all so much for joining my friend Marisa and I! Oh one more thing! As I was writing this Marisa emailed me” I have a new feature coming – you will be able to post to the Opensimcity activity stream from inside opensim just like gridcache, only with longer messages allowed.” See what  I mean? The sky’s the limit!

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