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Do you want to submit a story to be posted on Grid-Press, we can’t always guarantee we will run your story, but we want to open our blog up to everyone to submit their work. Grid Owners, Grid Residents, and more!


  • No slander (we are fine with opinion blogs, just no direct attacks, is what we mean by this)
  • If for an event, only large events such as raising money for charity, or grid wide events (for others please use GridCache)
  • No racist, sexist, religious, etc. type stories will be accepted
  • We will not edit your post for you, as it is your story. So please proof your work before submitting.


  1. Register using one of the services on the side of the page.
  2. After registering, you should be brought to the author’s control panel!
  3. Click on the button that says “Posts” on the sidebar, and then click “Add New”
  4. Compuse your article, set a featured image in the bottom widget on the right for our featured wheel.
  5. On the right select featured and the category that suits your article.
  6. Then hit “Post” you can come back and update posts if a change needs to be done from here too.
  7. YOUR DONE!!!!

Timothy Rogers

Contributor of opensimulator events, news, and resources. Folf in the furry fandom, and loves to have fun with other opensim residents. Fun loving, laid back, and not affraid to say what is on his mind to the public.

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